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Review: Travail Online III


Travail Online: Transcend (Book III)  by Brian Simons
3,49 € (E-Book), 11,63 € (Paperback) ║ approx. 388 pages

Travail is collapsing. The terrain is crumbling, the economy is in tatters, and strange mobs are turning innocent people into mutated beasts. Coral wants to rally players and overthrow the CEO behind the game’s decline, but there’s a catch. He employs her parents. In an offshore facility. And he won’t guarantee their safe return unless Coral plays nice. Has she picked a boss fight she just can’t win?
Meanwhile, Daniel struggles with his mother’s gambling addiction, Sybil fights to keep Farah safe from Jack, and Sal keeps eating things he probably shouldn’t, all while preparing for their inevitable battle with the elf queen at the helm of the game’s most torturous content.
Ogres, drow, spiders, dwarves, elves, orcs, minotaurs, and a dragon with a dubious motivation. It’s all in a day’s work in Travail, where hard play makes fun work.
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First sentence

A handful of protesters stood on the expensive lawn surrounding Arbyten Inc.´s corporate office.

 My thoughts

Writing the third book in a series can be challenging. Sometimes, series become less and less convincing with every book. Not this one.

I was highly anticipating Brian Simons´ new LitRPG-novel and I was not disappointed. Reading about a world that the reader knows to be hurtful to the characters makes him/her yell inside his/her head: When will they finally do something about itTranscend is answering the reader´s questions by turning this fictional world into something even the characters, trying to hide from their reality, can hardly stand anymore. This alleged world of safety is threatening its players and the story is as exciting as ever. The characters are faced with serious challenges they have to constantly deliberate about and this gives the reader a chance to get to know them in a way he/she hasn´t before. I now feel like I have Coral all figured out – the way you would have a friend. In the second book of the series, I felt like the characters and I were growing apart but now it seems as if the bond between reader and protagonists could not be stronger. This development is not only astonishing, but a great achievement of the author as well. Brian Simons has – as I have said so repeatedly – a great style of writing. He has the ability to let this fictional world come to live and engage the reader in a way only very few authors can.

This book poses an ending to the series. Nevertheless, I hope the story will continue and Brian Simons will entertain us with a few more stories we will lose our minds in.

Travail Online: Transcend by Brian Simons is a wonderful third book in the series.
I award it with:


Thank you so much for my copy of the book, Brian.*


*I get review copies in exchange for honest reviews representing my thoughts on the literary works.



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