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Review: Travail Online – Resurrection


Travail Online: Resurrection (Book II)  by Brian Simons
3,49 € (E-Book), 11,76 € (Paperback) ║ approx. 338 pages

Coral, Daniel, and their friends have their heads in the game. But what happens when the game gets in their heads?

Strange things are afoot in Travail Online. People like Coral who couldn’t find jobs offline joined Travail so they could grind away at the virtual reality video game and sell in-game items for a bit of real world cash. Travail, however, has just launched new content that turns that premise on its head. The game resurrected a dead god and is using it to brainwash players into pouring their life savings into the game, ruining their livelihoods and threatening to destroy the game’s economy worldwide. Coral can’t stand by while the game mind-hacks players and siphons away their gold, but will getting involved cause more harm than good?

Meanwhile, Daniel has his own concerns. The head of the Assassins’ Guild is still trying to recruit him, the Regent of Travail’s human city wants him to start a war with the dwarves, and the elves seem to be hunting him and his friends. The game just keeps throwing roadblocks in their way, not to mention the mess it’s making of their minds…

Welcome to Travail, where hard play makes fun work!

RESURRECTION is the second full book in the TRAVAIL ONLINE series. Find out whether Coral and Daniel can keep their wits about them long enough to save Travail from the brink of world war and psychological destruction. Click “Buy Now” to start reading today!


First sentence

Travail Online Master System Log.

 My thoughts

Living in another world can be soothing. A new life, a new identity – forgetting about all your worries. Resurrection, the second book in the Travail Online-Series, leaves the reader thinking about life and about technology in its entirety that might end everything we are so keen on preserving…

Brian Simons introduces the reader to characters facing challenges in an artificial world. What I find impressing is that this story develops and won´t ever come to a standstill. You might think that a world of this kind has boundaries but the author proves you wrong. Every time you want to yell „I´ve got it all figured out“, the story takes a turn and a new plot twist leaves you awestruck.

Carol is one of my favorite characters because she is not only authentic but coping with her life the way most people  would – by trying to escape. But in the first novel, she turns out to be much more than I wanted to give her credit for at the beginning. The second book in the series is a whole new chapter for the protagonists. Although somehow, they seem to be stuck in the first one. Procrastination is what they are all about, it seems – Every time they face a new challenge, they master it but their way of thinking just wouldn´t change. This made me furious at times because I just wanted to yell at them to open their eyes and see!

Brian Simons is a brilliant author because he knows exactly how to engage a reader in a story. The LitRPG genre is quite new to me but I´m glad for it to have been him to introduce me to it.

Travail Online: Resurrection by Brian Simons is a good sequel in a truly unique series.
I award this book with:


Thank you so much for my copy of the book, Brian*


*I get review copies in exchange for honest reviews representing my thoughts on the literary works.



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