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Review: Hush, Hush (Book I)


Title: Hush, Hush
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Genre: Fantasy
Date of publishing: May 27, 2010
Pages: 391
Price: 6,99 (e-Book), 7,59 (Paperback)

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A sacred oath, a fallen angel, a forbidden love…This darkly romantic story features our heroine, Nora Grey, a seemingly normal teenage girl with her own shadowy connection to the Nephilim, and super-alluring bad boy, Patch, now her deskmate in biology class. Together they find themselves at the centre of a centuries-old feud between a fallen angel and a Nephilim…Forced to sit next to Patch in science class, Nora attempts to resist his flirting, though gradually falls for him against her better judgment. Meanwhile creepy things are going on with a mysterious stalker following her car, breaking into her house and attacking her best friend, Vi. Nora suspects Patch, but there are other suspects too – not least a new boy who has transferred from a different college after being wrongly accused of murdering his girlfriend. And he seems to have taken a shine to Nora…Love certainly is dangerous…and someone is going to have to make the ultimate sacrifice for it. The first book in the bestselling Hush, Hush saga by Becca Fitzpatrick, author of Black Ice and Dangerous Lies. Find out what happens to Nora and Patch in Crescendo, Silence and Finale…


My thoughts

I bought this book online because a friend of mine told me she was all over this series. 
To be honest, I love everything supernatural, so I was super excited to get my hands on the book and start reading.

Nora is an ordinary high school student, struggling with the loss of her father. When she meets Elliot and Jules, there is tension in the air, she can´t quite put her finger on. But more importantly, when she meets Patch, all tension seems to quantify. 
But what makes Patch so interesting… and dangerous?

At first, I was disappointed when I realized this book was going to be like any other: Girl meets boy, this boy is handsome as well as dangerous but she falls in love with him nevertheless.
But halfway through, I realized I had misjudged this book. 
This story is dark and almost slips through the reader´s fingers because you never know what to believe and what to make of some encounters or actions of the main characters. 
This is what this book is all about – Reading it is like riding a roller coaster.
Thrilling, scary and exciting.

Nora seems like an ordinary girl but the way her mind works is extraordinary. She doesn´t hesitate to make sacrifices and risk her life for others. What made me so fond of her were the little things. We are pretty alike and sometimes, I forgot that I was reading about her and not me. 
Patch, on the other hand, is the boy you want to stay away from but can´t because you want to figure him out. He is a secret from bottom to top and this is what makes him so interesting to the reader because in the first book, you almost don´t get any clue what he is actually like. So I can´t wait to start reading „Crescendo“. 

Becca Fitzpatrick is trying to mess with the reader from beginning to end – and I love it!
Every time you think „Oh my, this cannot be!“, she turns this fictional world upside down and confuses the reader even more. Hence, the reader is on edge while reading and, personally, 
could´nt put the book down. 

„Falling for the fallen…“

„Hush, Hush“ is highly entertaining as well as downright brilliant. 
I award this book with:

Krisi ❤

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